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Elegia is the fifth track of the album Low-Life, and is soon to be the thirty-fifth single made by New Order.

Song on the album

The song is four minutes long and is an instrumental waltz, which is unusual for them. The track contains the same guitar used for Sunrise and the same piano synths from Sub-culture. It only runs for 5 minutes.

This song was used in award-winning More and Pretty in Pink.

The full song

New Order revealed that the song Elegia is a 5-minute promo of a 17-minute song. When the internet popularised, a poor-quality version of the 17 min song came out. The song finally got released on the Retro compliation at the end of the rare bonus fifth disc. It also appeared on the 2008 bonus disc.

All 17 minutes of Elegia is now going to be published as a single. Its B-sides will be 586 from Power, Corruption and Lies., and The Him from Movement.

Elegia is Latin for elegy. Both Elegia and The Him are in memory of Ian Curtis.

The song is divided into two segments, the first lasts for 8 minutes, this is the quiet version, and the second is with the guitar breakdown.


New Order - Elegia


New Order - Elegia Full Version