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Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix) is a popular techno remix of the song Confusion, released in 1995.


The remixwas performed by a band called "The Pump Panel" (Tim Taylor and Dave Zamani). Pairing it with another remix (Pump Panel Flotation Mix) they sent it under FFRR, which is a subsidiary of London Records.

It is commonly mistaken as "Blood Rave" by "The Crystal Method", but there is no such song as "Blood Rave" in the Crystal Method's discogaphy.


The Pump Panel became a huge (and probably unexpected) hit, played over several clubs around the world, and became even more popular when it featured at the start of the movie Blade. The song has been re-dubbed, as well as sampled on the songs Play It Louder (Randy Katana), Operation Blade (Public Domain), and Phat Bass (Warp Bros and Aquagen). Phat Bass and Operation Blade made it to the top ten of the UK singles chart.


New Order - Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix)

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