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1981-1982 or 1981-Factus-1982  (fully 1981-FactusEP-313-1982) is an EP by New Order. It contains many songs that were vital in New Order. It was reissued in 2008.


Along with the songs for Movement, Everything's Gone Green, Procession, and Mesh were recorded and released in 1981. Temptation and Hurt, it's B-side, were recorded in 1981 but released next year on the 10th of May .

Six months after Temptation's release, New Order decided to collect all their successful songs into an EP of their own.

The EP has been widely overviewed as a bridge between the remnants of Joy Division to the electronic sounds of Power, Corruption and Lies. The album contains alternative dance, something that New Order fathered.

The album, constructed by Peter Saville, is actually a colour code of his own design.


Most of the critics payed special attention to "Temptation" above all other tracks. Allmusic rated it 3 stars: "The singles, as relentless as the album tracks on Movement, their debut album, are more beat-oriented and feature the synthesizer more prominently; and on "Temptation," you can even make out the lyrics clearly, a New Order first."

Robert Christgau gave it a B+: "Bargain hunters shouldn't pass up this chance to own "Temptation" plus-four for close to the price of the twelve-inch. But I don't call the twelve-inch "Temptation"/"Hurt" for the same reason I can't remember which of the four is which after playing them all fifteen times. "Temptation" is where Manchester's finest stop hearing ghosts and stake their claim to a danceable pop of unprecedented grimness and power. If it isn't the definition of romantic obsession, it's even richer than I think it is. But it's also the first real song this sharp-cornered sound-and-groove band has ever come up with."


Side one

  1. Temptation
  2. Hurt

Side two

  1. Everything's Gone Green
  2. Procession
  3. Mesh


Bernard Sumner: Vocals, guitars, melodica, synthesisers & programming

Peter Hook: 4- and 6-stringed bass

Gillian Gilbert: Synthesizers and programming, guitars

Stephen Morris: Drums, synthesisers and programming

Martin Hannett: Production, for the last time ("Everything's Gone Green", "Procession" and "Mesh")

Chris Nagle: Engineering

"John": Assistant Producer

Mark Ellis: Assistant Producer